Two Dinners and Lights

Today was wonderful! How coud it not be when you have two dinners?  I had a final in the morning.  It was my last final, and it went well.  Then I went to lunch at the caf with some friends.  After that I went to the gym with my roommate.  Next I went out to Subway with my friends, but I didn’t eat anything because I knew I would be having two later.  My first dinner was at the Hillel House.  We celebrated the fourth night of Hanukkah (and ate latkes and some really good cookies that have nothing to do with Hanukkah.)

The Menorah!

My other dinner was at my friend’s house.  She is from Nebraska and apperently pizza from Nebraska is the best so we had some, and I have to admit that the hamburger pizza was amazing!  Although I am a sucker for desserts, and for dessert, they had homemade ice cream and brownies.  Everything was so good! :)

Avery showing off the pizza

The last thing we did was go to Rhema Bible Church in Broken Arrow (a subarb of Tulsa).  They have two million Christmas lights on dispthat are so pretty.  They had a bridge of lights that was very cool.  The trip there was definately worth it!

tunnel of lights