Tuesday with Tulsa

For this week’s Tuesday with Tulsa, we asked Rick Arrington, the Assitant Dean of Admission for the Collins College of BusinessWhat can high school students do with their IB Diplomas?

Read his answer below…

Hello, Prospective Students!

Are you an IB student? Working hard? Staying busy with your CAS work? Thinking about finishing up your Extended Essay and your Group 4 project?

That’s all great! It may not seem like it now, but your hard work is really going to pay off. Especially if you check out The University of Tulsa (TU)!

So, what do we have for you? I’m glad you asked!

For IB Diploma students (let’s start small): we waive the TU application fee. Yea! Not too big a deal, but if you’re applying to a lot of schools, those application fees start to add up. Apply to a great university, but save the app fee! Go to http://www.utulsa.edu/admission-and-financial-aid/apply-online.aspx to get started. When you finish the application, don’t send a check; just let us know you’re an IB Diploma student with a note from your IB Coordinator. Your Coordinator may have the Application Fee Waiver to help you.

Ok, want more? How about the IB MERIT SCHOLARSHIP? MONEY! This scholarship is for anyone who completes the full IB Diploma and earns a 3.0 gpa or better in their high school work. And, it’s on top of most TU scholarships. We want you to finish the IB Diploma, and we’re willing to give you an extra incentive to do it.

More? Sure: you can earn up to 36 semester hours of credit for your IB work. That’s right: you can start at TU as a sophomore. That means you could finish college a year earlier. Or, you could stay for the normal college career and get an extra major or degree; study abroad an extra semester; bypass a lot of those pesky freshmen classes.

You are working hard. We know that. We want to reward your hard work.

Even MORE? Here’s the most important thing: get an outstanding education at The University of Tulsa! You’ve started a terrific career with your IB work; now kick it up even higher. TU offers about 90 different programs in three outstanding colleges. I bet we have what you want.

It’s time to find out about TU. Take an 8-minute break from your IB work and go to www.utulsa.edu/ib and watch our IB / TU video. We might be just what you’re looking for.

Talk about it: the City of Tulsa, TU, or our IB recognition policy. Call or write me any time! Rick Arrington, rick@utulsa.edu, 918-631-2214. Hope to hear from you soon!