Too excited for the Holidays

In my suite we get really into the Holidays. We decorated for Halloween last month but now that it’s over we needed new decorations before we hosted people for Tulsa Time! We put those gel letters on the mirror in the bathroom and so we do have a “Happy Thanksgiving” and a turkey, but since we didn’t think decorating for Thanksgiving was all that exciting we jumped right ahead to Christmas. We pretty much all concluded that we really love Christmas so off we went to Target  to see what we could find! $20 later we had an assortment of wrapping paper and bows. Between that and recycling our Halloween decorations, the paper rolls from the wrapping paper, and old paper bags we pretty much had Christmas explosion in here! We not only decorated our door, but every door inside our room, the door across the hall, a door down the hall, and the tables. Just to give you a little taste:

^Our front door!

^We gave ourselves a winter view to look at and curtains out of the wrapping paper! Also we have the little branch on the table which is our Christmas tree! It even has an ornament  made out of a life saver.

^This is our bathroom door, also known as my project for the night.

I think the main reason we are all so excited for the Holidays is that we get to go home! I am not flying back to Arizona for Thanksgiving but I will be spending it in Kansas with friends. That just makes me more excited for it to be winter break since that means I have a whole month home. College is great  and you get to do some many things don’t get me wrong but there is no place like home!

I had to pick up the last remainders of our decorating madness before we got 5 lovely ladies to host for Tulsa time!

Good bye until next time!