The Coffee House on Cherry St.

There is a really fun area here in Tulsa called Cherry St.  (It is  similar to the loop in St. Louis, if you have ever been there).  One Saturday night my friend had her birthday party at Genghis Grill.  We had stir fry, which was great because I haven’t eaten a lot of that since I have been here.  They also brought out cake for the birthday girl and it was delicious. We were all going to drive back to campus when my friend Kate asked if we wanted to get some coffee.  She decided that since none of us had been to The Coffee House on Cherry Street, that was the place to go.  The coffee they gave us was in these adorable little mugs and they put the whipped cream in the shape of a leaf.  20130203_112729

There was also a guy there whose moustache was quite impressive.20130202_203058 

We were obsessed with the food and the drinks and went back the next day for breakfast.  We decided that it was such a fun little place that we would go back every month just to enjoy it.  So if you’re looking for a great place to eat you can try The Coffee House on Cherry Street.20130202_204800