Study Hall

As a rower, I am required to do a couple of hours of study hall each semester my freshman year.  Most of the time I am surprisingly really productive, but other times I have no homework so I just sit here… like tonight.  In this situation I find myself distracting my friends as they try to actually be good students.  It is especially enjoyable and funny when someone yells to the whole room and asks:

“Hey anybody want to buy a pizza for $7.99? It’s a really good deal!”

Then as his comrad (the pizza guy) on the other end of the phone doubts that he completed his task he replies:

“Yes I asked them. I asked the whole room!”

I also planned an event to watch Mulan this weekend.  That is my favorite movie, but I haven’t seen it in a long time so this weekend will be amazing! After a long week filled with 3 quizzes, a paper, 2 blog posts, and at least 100 pages of reading I think I am ready for a nice relaxing weekend.  Next week, I look forward to the beginning of February and many fun events on campus.