Poetic Update about TU

This post was written by Teresa Bont, Regional Director of Admission for St. Louis.

Each year the Missouri Association for College Admission Counseling (MOACAC) hosts a College Counselor Connection Conference in St. Louis and Kansas City. (The informal name of this conference is the “CUBE” Conference since it’s “C” cubed…get it?) The CUBE in St. Louis usually has 175 college counselors in attendance and 70 college representatives. Each college rep gets three minutes to give an update about his/her school. (They are SERIOUS about this time constraint and you’ll have the whistle blown at you when your three minutes are up!) In an effort to stand out and be memorable among so many school updates given to the college counselors in a short amount of time, I began to rhyme the TU update seven years ago and have been rhyming the TU updates every year since. The TU poetic updates have become a staple during the CUBE Conference, so I continue to write and present them. I’m sharing this year’s poetic update with you and will do so in future years as well. Realize as you’re reading it that it’s geared towards college counselors who work in high schools in and around the St. Louis, MO area. Enjoy!

Oh, to sit through more than 60 college updates…
Looks like we’re going to be here a while.
With a Tulsa update that’s informative and fun,
I hope to give you a smile.

The University of Tulsa is in Oklahoma,
And is just a six-hour drive from here.
Did you know, though, that on campus
There is a global atmosphere?

TU has international students 
From 60 countries around the world.
Many cultures and philosophies are experienced
As different perspectives are developed and unfurled.

“Internationalization” of our community
Is woven through much that we do.
TU Global Scholars is just one example
Of our programs that provide a world view.

Students are highly encouraged
To study abroad themselves
To develop their political and social awareness through experience
Rather than just from the books on their shelves.

Since the Center for Global Education was established
In the year 2004,
More than 1,000 TU students have traveled internationally
Allowing them to get out and explore.

These students who go abroad
Can choose to study or work while there.
Many have international internships, conduct research
Or become an international volunteer.

There are many interdisciplinary programs at Tulsa
Developed through collaboration.
Our small size allows faculty members from different disciplines
To come together through ongoing communication.

Some examples of our interdisciplinary programs
Are Energy Management, Environmental Policy and Chinese Studies.
International Business and Languages and Biogeosciences are two others
In which faculty from different departments can become research and teaching buddies.

The TU students can benefit
from such a collaborative academic situation.
They learn, they share, they create
From freshman year through graduation.

TU’s mascot is the Golden Hurricane,
But a new ambassador has recently come to be.
It’s Goldie, the Golden Retriever.
If you watch Good Morning, America, you saw her on TV.

Goldie the dog will be on hand
For important campus events.
For instance, she’ll lead the football team onto the field
And pregame will check out the tailgating tents.

True to the TU spirit,
Goldie will also volunteer.
As an example, she’ll visit nursing homes
In order to give the residents some cheer.

I encourage your students to visit Tulsa
To try the campus on for size.
There are two chartered bus trips from St. Louis
To help this idea materialize.

November 10th and 11th is the first of the two.
February 16th and 17th is the other.
They’ll get to know TU students, faculty and staff
And, of course, they’ll get to know one another.

I hope this brief update about Tulsa
Entertained as well as informed.
And in your mind a preliminary list of TU students
Is already being shaped and formed.

My name is Teresa Bont
I’m the Regional Director of Admission.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this update about Tulsa
In my latest CUBE three-minute edition.