Performing Arts Weekend

I’m so impressed with students who can sing, act and play instruments. I’m tone deaf (OK, maybe it hasn’t been officially diagnosed, but it was suggested by my music teachers in school and is reiterated on a daily basis by my husband)  and have always been fascinated by people with musical abilities that I obviously don’t have. I also know how many hours a week these students practice (on top of school, homework, work and other activities), which is also impressive.  We have admitted a lot of very talented students this year. I hope you all decide to come to TU so I can watch you perform!

If you want to audition for a Performing Arts Scholarship, act fast! Here is the information:

January 27-29, 2012, TU will host a Performing Arts Weekend for students who wish to audition for talent-based scholarships for Fall 2012. Auditions for scholarships will be held at various times during the Performing Arts Weekend  in the following areas:

  • Instrumental Music
  • Vocal Music
  • Theatre (Acting)
  • Theatre (Design)
  • Musical Theatre (with Dance)

For information about auditions for scholarships in Instrumental Music or Vocal Music, click here. You do NOT have to major in music to audition for scholarships in either of these areas.

For information about auditions for scholarships in Theatre or Musical Theatre, click here. You do need to major in Theatre or Musical Theatre to audition for scholarships in either of these areas.

During the Performing Arts Weekend, students will also have the opportunity to tour campus, meet with an Admission Counselor, visit the Lorton Performance Center and attend a luncheon with current TU students.

The Lorton Performance Center

In order to audition, you must have completed your application for admission to TU. If you haven’t done so already, you may apply at

If you can’t participate in Performing Arts Weekend, but you still want to audition, contact the Music or Theatre & Musical Theatre departments ASAP to schedule an alternate audition date.

Good luck!

-Casey Reed