Casey Reed

Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back the alumni of a school. Each year during TU’s Homecoming, TU Alumni visit to go on tours, attend events, and go the homecoming football game. To current TU students, Homecoming means an entire week of activities, including street painting, tailgating, competitions, lectures, performances, and of course, football.

In honor of Homecoming, I wanted to share the TU fight song with you:

Down the Field to victory
On Tulsa on.
Fight on University, Battle on and on.
March to the goal line, oh Tulsa,
Score on mounting score.
March to the goal line, oh Tulsa,
Let the Hurricane roar.
Drive those (opponent) back and back,
On Tulsa on!
Gold, Blue, and Red, go right ahead,
Down the field to victory!

According to the alumni website, this little ditty was written in 1932 by the then Student President, Ben Henneke. They had a contest to see who could write the best fight song. His mother encouraged him to enter, and sure enough, he won the big prize: $25!

Can you imagine? Writing the fight song for your alma mater and having it played and sung by thousands of students and fans for the next 79 years +?  Awesome.

You can practice singing the words as you watch the video. If you come to TU, it won’t be long before you are belting them at the top of your lungs. :)

Have a great weekend!

Go TU!

-Casey Reed