Homecoming Tulsa Style

I always love when my family visits campus. I get to live the Tulsa experience every day, but for them, it’s a special occasion to be here. This past weekend was Homecoming and Family weekend at TU, so naturally we were all so excited to spend the weekend together. My parents drove from Norman on Friday night and made it in time for a quick dinner at The Hut Cantina on campus and TU’s annual Homecoming bonfire and firework show. They were blown away and kept mentioning to me, “Wow. My school never did anything like this for our Homecoming.” I was pretty proud, and pleased that they enjoyed one of my favorite TU traditions as much I did. My brother flew in from St. Louis that night, so we made our way to the airport to pick him up. The next day was all about tailgating and football. That game against Rice was so suspenseful, but Tulsa came away with the W! Later that evening we celebrated my mom’s birthday at a Mexican restaurant in downtown Tulsa’s Brady district. I love my family and I love TU. Getting to combine two of my favorite things into one weekend was awesome. I can’t wait for this time next year to roll around!