Finals, do or die

One of the most feared aspects of the ends of college semesters are finals. Finals can range from papers, projects, regular tests, cumulative tests, or just a test worth more points than usual. It definitely is not someone to ignore. I found dead week and finals week pretty boring here on campus. Everything shuts down and people spend the days sleeping late and studying in their rooms or in the lobby. My finals were not that bad, but they definitely needed studying. Too many students’ college finals are something completely new to them. Most panic as they ruffle through half-kept notes and illegible worksheets that have become folded up in their backpacks, or flipping through the text books trying to figure out which parts of the book will be tested over. As an IB diploma student, I felt well prepared to study and found that I knew exactly what was going to be on each and every final. College studying is all about efficiency, and throughout the year it served me well to keep notes well-organized and do whatever I could to make it as easy as possible to review everything. Now I’m all done, and I’m very happy to have the rest of the month off!