Finals are coming!

This week has been very hectic because it is the last week of classes before finals.  Everyone has tests and papers due this week which makes for a bit of a stressful environment, but it is interesting to see how everyone handles it.  Personally I had a paper due right when we came back and that same day I had an oral presentation for English.  The next day I had homework and a quiz in math.  Wednesday was my last hectic day: I had a 10 minute french oral presentation that had to be completely memorized.  Over the week I de-stressed by going to an event put on by one of the RAs.  She had pumpkin muffins and cider, and we decorated things to put on our doors.  I got a lot of bows, but they were all red and I decided I needed some Jewish representation because I am Jewish too so I made a “Happy Hanukkah” sign for our door to go with the Christmas decorations.  My friend, Nicole, and I also decided to make masks to destress.  They are for the masquerade function being put on by Kappa.  I made three.  I like two of them and then the other I don’t think is the best, but someone else said they liked so ehh it’s good enough. :)  Nicole who had a test and a project due the day after we made the masks said they went great, and she feels really good about them.  I think while it’s important to power through the work don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself to relax.  It’s been a good week overall!