Chat City


Casey Reed
Today I participated in an online chat as a part of an online college fair. One student had some particularly fun questions, so I thought I would share our conversation with you in case you have some of the same ones. I changed her name to STUDENT, though. You have to protect the innocent and all that good stuff. This was our chat conversation:

STUDENT : Hello! 
REP – Casey Reed : Hi, STUDENT!
REP – Casey Reed : Do you have any questions about TU?
STUDENT : Yes. I would like to start off with what is truly important in a college. Is the campus pretty?
REP – Casey Reed : Ha! Yes! It is gorgeous. Very collegiate. Green grass. Flowers. Brick buildings. Fountains.
STUDENT : How about ivy?
REP – Casey Reed : Yes, we have that too. Although not as much as some areas of the country.
STUDENT : Darn! To be completely honest, I’ve already gotten answers to all of my legitimate questions. Now I just want to know the weird things. Like do the students prefer to wear school spirit wear, sweatpants, or dress up? 
REP – Casey Reed : It’s pretty casual. Spirit wear is big around here.
STUDENT : Does the spirit hold true for sports too? Do students get really hopped about games? 
REP – Casey Reed : Yes. You get in free to any event on campus, including sporting events, so students roll out for all sports (not just football and basketball). There is face painting, sign making, cheering, all the usual good stuff. School spirit is HUGE at TU.
STUDENT : Fantastic! If you could describe the student body in two words, what would those words be? (Besides outgoing, engaging, and all those other overused hot button words)
REP- Casey Reed : curious, confident
STUDENT : Awesome! What’s your favorite part of TU?
REP – Casey Reed : My favorite part of The University of Tulsa is watching students grow from teenagers into leaders. High school is such a different world than real life. As an adult who works on a college campus, it is fascinating to watch students transform into who they are meant to be and exciting to see them try to change the world. It is so much fun! And I like the fountains in front of Collins Hall. They are big and fun to play in.
STUDENT : Ha! Thanks! I have to go now, but I may be back later if I come up with more questions.
REP – Casey Reed : Great! It was nice chatting with you. Good questions.

You only have one college decision (unless you go to grad school). So, if you have questions, be sure to ask them! We want you to make the right choice, based on the information that is important to you.

-Casey Reed