Study Breaks the TU Way

TU students are spending today and tomorrow preparing for their impending finals. In order to help students de-stress, two of our campus organizations hosted fun events today where students could get away from their textbooks to see some friendly, furry faces.

Puppies 2

TU’s chapter of AIChE partnered with the Tulsa SPCA and 20 Park, a local coffee shop, to bring our students some fuzzy friends. Between 10 AM and 2 PM, students could join AIChE in the Allen Chapman Activity Center to play with some cute (and adoptable) dogs.

Puppies 1

Later, the Fisher South Hall Government partnered with Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue for a Golden Hurricanes and Golden Retrievers event on the Chapman Commons. Students were also invited to bring their own Golden Retrievers from home. Students and dogs had a great time cooling down in the King Rogers Fountain.Golden 2Golden 1