Study Hall

As a rower, I am required to do a couple of hours of study hall each semester my freshman year.  Most of the time I am surprisingly really productive, but other times I have no homework so I just sit here… like tonight.  In this situation I find myself distracting my friends as they try to actually be good students.  It is especially enjoyable and funny when someone yells to the whole room and asks:

“Hey anybody want to buy a pizza for $7.99? It’s a really good deal!”

Then as his comrad (the pizza guy) on the other end of the phone doubts that he completed his task he replies:

“Yes I asked them. I asked the whole room!”

I also planned an event to watch Mulan this weekend.  That is my favorite movie, but I haven’t seen it in a long time so this weekend will be amazing! After a long week filled with 3 quizzes, a paper, 2 blog posts, and at least 100 pages of reading I think I am ready for a nice relaxing weekend.  Next week, I look forward to the beginning of February and many fun events on campus.


Liberty Bowl – Road Trip To Memphis

I know this post is a little delayed; about a month overdue, but if you haven’t heard TU won the 2012 Liberty Bowl! The team, students, fans, and alumni from all over ventured to Memphis for a weekend and New Year to remember. Thanks to the generous donation by alumni and friends of TU, other students and I were able to travel to Memphis on a budget. For only $40, I got a hotel room for two nights, a bowl game ticket, shuttles to and from the game, and shuttle rides to and from Beale Street and for only $25 more, I could have ridden the student bus from Tulsa to Memphis and back. Instead, some of my fraternity brothers and I chose to make this journey in my car.

A quick lunch stop at U.S. Pizza Co. in Little Rock was well worth the drive by itself. Best salad in the U.S. Anyone from Arkansas knows that this place is on point.

Abby and I at the Liberty Bowl pep rally.

We watched the guitar drop as the new year rang in on Beale Street after a big win.

Rain ‘Cane

Although weather in Tulsa was dreary and wet yesterday, I still managed to enjoy being outside as I walked to and from class- mostly for the entertainment value. Every time I walked outside I saw something that made me laugh. First it was a guy riding his yellow Tulsa bike with a friend perched on his handle bars, just along for the ride. Then it was all of the students holding soggy copies of the TU student newspaper above their heads, serving as make-shift umbrellas. One guy made an upgrade from the newspaper though. He used a plastic tray. Of course every single girl (myself included) sported rain boots and purposefully sought out puddles to stomp through just because they could. So even if the rain was an inconvenience for some, I saw the goofiness of Tulsa’s student body shine through despite the forecast. Gotta love when that happens.