We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

Our fall break just ended and now it’s time to step back into reality and the life of a TU student. Since I live in Arizona I didn’t fly back home for Thanksgiving instead I drove to Wichita with my lovely room mate and met my best friend there to continue our journey to her grandparents house outside of Topeka, Kansas. We got there Friday and had more of our friends arriving on Sunday and Thursday. We spent a lot of time in the car  between driving to and from the airport which was a couple hours away and exploring downtown Topeka, but it left a lot of time to catch up with everyone! A few highlight of my break included visiting the barn cats that live in the barn behind Korynne’s grandparents house!

We renamed all of the cats and this one we called Death by Cuteness. Other names included Bob Marley, 007, and Scrappy which all fit the personalities of the cats quite well.

The scenery was amazing! We spent one morning just walking around the field and even ventured into the line of trees just to see what was on the other side which proved to be an adventure to say the least!

We decided to have a picnic at a park and of course we pick the coldest and most windy day to do so but it was still very fun.

While driving in downtown Topeka after the park we found this flag painted on the back of a building which lead to basically a photo shoot! (They were spelling out USA!)

Lastly that day we found a bunch of trains and decided to explore a little around there!

Between the laughs, nights spent watching movies, and just having a good time with great friends I was not ready to come back to school. And yet as soon as I walked into my suite I realized how much I missed it here! We even had pre-Christmas with gifts from some of the girls moms, and we spent the night watching movies and catching up! I was even excited to sleep in my dorm bed! Sometime you have to go away so you remember why you like it coming here so much and this break did it for me! I will admit I cannot wait to actually go back home for the first time, and I am not thrilled to have to be studying for finals but we’re not in Kansas anymore and for now I am very much happy to be back to my college home with the girls of suite 404!

Finals are coming!

This week has been very hectic because it is the last week of classes before finals.  Everyone has tests and papers due this week which makes for a bit of a stressful environment, but it is interesting to see how everyone handles it.  Personally I had a paper due right when we came back and that same day I had an oral presentation for English.  The next day I had homework and a quiz in math.  Wednesday was my last hectic day: I had a 10 minute french oral presentation that had to be completely memorized.  Over the week I de-stressed by going to an event put on by one of the RAs.  She had pumpkin muffins and cider, and we decorated things to put on our doors.  I got a lot of bows, but they were all red and I decided I needed some Jewish representation because I am Jewish too so I made a “Happy Hanukkah” sign for our door to go with the Christmas decorations.  My friend, Nicole, and I also decided to make masks to destress.  They are for the masquerade function being put on by Kappa.  I made three.  I like two of them and then the other I don’t think is the best, but someone else said they liked so ehh it’s good enough. :)  Nicole who had a test and a project due the day after we made the masks said they went great, and she feels really good about them.  I think while it’s important to power through the work don’t forget to take a bit of time for yourself to relax.  It’s been a good week overall!