So Close, Yet So Far Away

Hello there, let me introduce myself. I’m Jack and I’m a freshman at TU. I’m a petroleum engineer and I’m a little new to this whole blogging thing. I look forward to sharing with you all over this next year and giving a little of my two cents. Sorry if things get confusing but engineers aren’t quite known for their ability to write.

I was born at St. John’s hospital, a whole 2.5 miles from TU. I’ve lived a whopping 3.5 miles from TU my whole life. I went to high school located between those two places of interest, 3 miles from TU. So naturally, when I finally got the opportunity to get out of my parents home and leave Tulsa, I chose to attend The University of Tulsa.

As a high schooler, I never thought I would have stayed so close to home, but I have no regrets. Living close to home is all about what you make of it. I can be as close or as far away from home as I want. In fact, most of my friends that attend universities out of town are back in Tulsa more often than me. There is always the convenience of driving 5 minutes to pick up forgotten things, letting my mom do my laundry, and being able to take my pledge brothers to a good family dinner. Don’t mark TU off your list just because the school is so close to home.

I could ramble on and on about my decision to come to TU but I’ll just hit some of the main points. Have you ever driven through campus? Did you notice how awesome campus is? I mean, the grass is green, there’s fountains, swimming pools, beautiful architecture, and it’s maintained daily by an army of workers. One of my favorite things is just driving visitors, family, and friends through campus. They are always impressed and jealous that I live on such a beautiful campus. I tell my friends that I feel like I live on a country club.

I also chose TU for its petroleum engineering program. My grandfather is a PE from TU in the “good ole days”. Since then, the program has grown, won great respect from employers, and moved into Stephenson Hall, the PE department’s $16.1 million baby. While there are other schools with great PE programs, not many universities offer the perks that TU offers outside of academia. Having a successful D1 football program, an active Greek life, and faculty who strive for the best are just a few of the many perks.

So, don’t cross TU off your list quite yet. Visit campus, talk to some students, and Get Golden!

Chill Week

I survived a very busy two weeks and am now in the middle of what I like to refer to as “chill week.” Lots of exams, quizzes, papers and a presentation kept me busy earlier this month, but now it’s all about enjoying the fall weather and taking a breather before the business of fall kicks in! I made the drive home to Norman this past weekend for a wedding, and as usual it was nice to see my parents and be back in my house for a couple of days. After a relaxing weekend though, I was reset and ready to come back to campus and see my friends! They managed to have a good time without me…haha and loved watching TU football beat Fresno State by just one point! I watched from home and man was that an exciting game! I have a group meeting here in a few minutes though, so I should probably wrap this up. Overall I am looking forward to my low key week and to the fun that is yet to come this semester! As always, Go TU!

New Bloggers

We are so excited to have some new student bloggers this semester! Many of them are freshmen, so they will tell you firsthand about what it’s like to jump into college life at The University of Tulsa. We also have a photo blogger, David, who will be taking pictures of events around campus and posting them for us. I think we are going to let them each introduce themselves, but keep an eye out for their posts! We think you will like them! We sure do.