Have a Wonderful Winter Break

Things are winding down here at the Admission Office. If you have a question about your application, please make sure to call the office before 5:00pm today, because we will be closed tomorrow and next week. We will reopen Monday, January 2nd, and classes for TU students resume on January 9th. We have been mailing out Admission Decisions this week for Rolling Admission Applicants who completed their applications, so be sure to watch your mailbox…

Our office has had a fun week full of student visitors, office parties, and community service. Now, we want to wish each of you a safe, happy holiday season. Happy New Year!

The Office of Admission Staff with our Secret Santa presents- toys we donated to the Tulsa Police Department’s Toy Drive

TU gave every student at Kendall-Whittier Elementary a True Blue Neighbors sweatshirt in hopes that everyone will have a warm winter break

Finals Finished

Here we are, slogging through our last finals. Spending long nights and days pouring over book after book, problem after problem, review after review, never sleeping, never resting. The life of college finals.

Okay, so maybe that’s true for SOME college students (though I haven’t met many!), but somehow I got very lucky! This first semester, I only had one final and it was last week! So, although I did study a significant amount for that final, my exam schedule was not bad at all. And for most students, even the older ones, it wasn’t too bad. While each student is enrolled in five or so classes, many of the classes don’t even have finals or have an optional final, something you take if your grade is on the borderline.

So, while I’m sure that finals get harder as you go, I’m pleased to say that I’ve survived this semester with little sleep, a fair amount of homework, and a TON of great memories. :)

Tuesday with Tulsa

Today’s Tuesday with Tulsa blog post is by Weston K., a sophomore from Pennsylvania who won the Tom Russell scholarship in Chemical Engineering ( which is awarded to the top freshman in the program each year).

I was Weston’s admission counselor two years ago and I remember he applied to a lot of colleges before deciding on TU. I asked him if he would be interested in writing a post about how he made the decision to attend a university over 1,000 miles away from home. Here’s his post…

Why would you go to school in Oklahoma?! I heard this question over and over when I made my college decision, during my graduation party, and even every once in a while here at TU. My name is Weston K. and I am a sophomore Chemical Engineering major from Northwest Pennsylvania. Here are a few reasons why I made the decision to come to TU and why I haven’t looked back since.


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