Back To School

It’s that time again! Football games, sorority sisters, the colors of fall…I am so happy to have everyone back at TU! It was lonely this summer without a bustling, exciting student body here to keep things going!

The past few weeks have been crazy with sorority recruitment and the beginning of football season. I’m so glad to see TU playing such big-name teams, and I’m equally excited for the home opener against OSU this weekend! It will be a blast to watch, and our campus will be packed with fans! I’m so ready!!

Other than football and school, I’ve also begun the process of applying to law school…so scary! I can’t believe my time at TU is already coming to a close. It went by so fast, but I’ve still got a year left! I’m going to live it up, enjoy everything that TU has to offer before I graduate, and revel in being a senior!

I hope to see you all rooting on TU in the game this weekend! T-U-L-S-A!!!!


What are TU students like?

I get this question a lot. The answer comes quickly… diverse. ambitious. forward-thinking. Those are the kinds of students I work with every year, and those are the kinds of students who choose to enroll at TU.

Our campus is diverse in that we have students from all of the country and all over the world. The majority of our students come from outside of the state of Oklahoma, and 19% of this year’s freshmen class is international.

Our students are ambitious. They tend to have multiple interests. They double major or pick up a few minors or complete certificate programs. They study abroad and participate in research projects. They join clubs and organizations, serve as leaders, and volunteer in the community. Their schedules and accomplishments are impressive.

Finally, our students are forward-thinking. This is the university for students who want to change the world and are eager to get started. This concept of forward-thinking is the reason why I do what I do. This is the reason I work in college admissions, and the reason I work at TU. Because the students I help enroll each year are the future leaders of the world. As a campus community, TU tries to give you all of the tools you need so that you really can get started today.

I wonder what you will accomplish if you come to TU? It gives me goose-bumps thinking about it.

-Casey Reed

The Lorton Performance Center

This weekend, TU celebrated the grand opening of the Roxana Rózsa and Robert Eugene Lorton Performance Center. The building is absolutely beautiful!

The 77,000-square-foot Performance Center, designed in the style of grand European opera houses, features a 700-seat concert hall with full performance stage, rehearsal and recitals halls, practice rooms and faculty offices for the School of Music and Department of Film Studies.

On Thursday night, there was a Gala celebrating the opening, and then on Friday and Sunday there were a number of performances by TU students, alums and special guests. These weekend performances were free and open to the public.

I think I need to go back to school to study music. Too bad I’m tone-deaf.

Here is a video about the new PAC.

-Casey Reed