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What up internet peoples. Nice to know you found TU’s Admission blog (with relative ease I hope.) I’ll just introduce myself since I’m a noob in the blog business. My name is Zack  and I’m a sophomore here at TU. My major has recently changed to Nursing (hecks yeah!!!) and I’m involved with quite a lot on campus. But I won’t bore you with the specifics.

Let’s see…well classes started a little over a month ago and the first round of exams hit pretty hard for everyone. Let’s face it; we all love our classes and professors until that first test. Then when you realize you should have been studying instead of watching Two and a Half Men or Glee.

I don’t want to take all your time, so I’ll wrap it up for this first entry. From time to time, I’ll update you on what’s happening on campus, and even in my collegiate life. I’ll also try to leave a vid or pics. The Grand Opening of our new Lorton Performance Center took place a couple weeks ago. So enjoy the video as I pay homage to the fine arts. Until next time…




PART I of the Application includes your personal information (such as name, contact information, birthday, high school, etc) and your educational plans (what you plan to study, the semeser you are applying for, plans for talent-based scholarship auditions, etc.). It won’t take you long to fill-out, but it will get your application started and take a bit of the stress off (you can honestly say, Yes, Mom, I’ve started my college applications!)

  • You can do the paper PART I or submit it online once you have registered at


  • If you did the paper PART I, PART II will be mailed to you and we will create an online username and password for you at (in case you want to complete the rest online). We will mail you your username and password or you can contact your admission counselor to ask. Then, you choose whether to do the paper  PART II or complete it online.
  • If you did the online PART I, just log back in at and complete PART II.

    PART II is the real “meat” of the application and will take more time to complete. This is where you tell us about your college entrance exam scores, your academic information, your academic honors, work experience,extracurricular, community and volunteer activities, family background, you answer one essay question and complete the verification signature/required disclosure.

Whew! Are you tired yet? Don’t be! I promise it won’t take as long as you think.

PART III: APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION AND SCHOLARSHIPS/Secondary School Counselor of College Advisor Evaluation Form

  • PART III is attached to the paper copy of PART II or you can print it online here.

All you have to do is complete the top section and then give the form to your high school counselor, who will fill it out and send it in. See, you are practically finished!


Have you paid the application fee? Now, just have your high school send us your official transcript. If your ACT or SAT scores are on your transcript, your application is complete. (If not, call the testing agency and request that they send them. Now your application is complete!)

IN SUMMARY: So, you can do the application online, on paper, or a combination of both. Or, you can do the Common Application. Or, you can do our PART I and then submit the Common Application!

We don’t have a preference on how you apply, as long as you apply! And be sure to do so by November 1st to be considered for our Early Action Deadline.

Now, get to it!

-Casey Reed

6 Ways to Show a College You Care

As an admission counselor, I am going to let you in on a little secret…I love it when students contact me. It can be via phone, or email or Facebook. It can be to ask me a question or check on the status of an application- it doesn’t matter the reason. I love hearing from my students.  I like to know who is truly interested in TU, because it makes me happy and it makes my job easier. I’m here to help.

So, how do you show a college you are interested? Try one (or all) of these:

  1. Interview with an admission representative on campus or at a location near you.
  2. Take an official campus tour.
  3. Attend a college fair or other event sponsored by the college.
  4. Respond to the college’s mail, or fill out reply cards requesting information.
  5. Arrange to stay overnight on campus through the admissions office.
  6. Chat with the student or admissions representative who calls or e-mails you.

Are you interested in TU? If so, LET US KNOW!

Sign up for a campus tour!

-Casey Reed