Wow What A Year!

I apologize for not keeping up with my blog, but this semester has gone by in a blink of an eye. I am actually really sad that I will be done with school in 7 days. For once in my life I’m dreading summer because I will not be with my TU family for 3 months. Also, I do not even want to try and imagine life next year without the seniors. This campus has great people and something I love about the size is I am able to be friends with quite a bit of seniors who become your life mentors essentially. Well enough about what I will miss, and I think I will give a quick rundown on what I have gotten myself involved in this semester.
First of all, Tri Delta came in second place, TU alumni got first as usual, for Relay for Life. I was blessed to be a captain for such a great team that really put their heart in the cause. Being on Panhellenic has been another rewarding organization where I have gotten closer to other houses on the row by meeting with such fun delegates each week. As a baby University Ambassador, I have enjoyed giving tours every Saturday morning and enjoying brunch in the cafe. Yay for Belgin Waffles!!! I do look forward to finishing out a couple of my officer postitions at the end of next year, to move on to putting my focus on different organizations I am involved in…including academics as well :)
Something I enjoy about college that is different than high school is knowing your class schedule far in advance in order to prepare mentally. In the fall I will be taking: Stat 1, Accounting 1, Principles of Advertising, American Sign Language 1, and Business Law. Holla at me if you ever need notes from those classes in the future. I’m also super pumped for Football season in the fall. GO GOLDEN HURRICANES! This year has been a blast. I have loved every minute spent at TU, and if I had to do it all over again…I would not change a thing! Hope to meet a bunch of new freshmen next year that are ready to love The University of TUlsa as much as I do!

Winding Down

What a semester it’s been!

I guess you wouldn’t know, though, since I haven’t been on here in, well…awhile…

So. Extended leave of absence behind us, alot has been happening. Like I said in earlier posts, I’ve spent this semester serving as president of my fraternity. What a job! I now know three phone numbers by heart – my house, my mom’s cell, and Stanley Security Co., the operator of the fraternity house’s fire alarm. Let’s just say their operator and I are on a first name basis… Other than that phone number, the main thing I’ve learned through my stint as executive in chief is that foreigners know NOTHING about American university Greek life. That is, fraternities and sororities. These collegiate “social societies” are wholly American concept. The other day i had to attempt to explain to my Spanish teacher, a Spaniard, what exactly a fraternity is. In Spanish. No small feat, especially when all she knew of fraternities was the typical mainstream cultural reference – Animal House. Luckily for me, that’s not the fraternity environment here at TU, so I was able to tell her otherwise without lying to her face.

Apart from my presidential duties, most of my time is spent on school work. Classes are going well, for the most part. I’ve learned quite a bit this semester – how to build an information database, why Americans are so much more opposed to taxation than in other countries, and how to say fun things like “inflation rate” and “mortgage lender” in Spanish. Finals and end-of-semester projects are creeping up all too quickly, so honestly, I don’t want to talk about classes any more.

For Spring Break I headed two hours east to the Ozark mountains in Arkansas to go caving, hiking, and camping with my girlfriend and her family for 4 days. I know – that sounds awful, but fortunately, I have awesome “in-laws,” and the time was fantastic, especially at a true natural gem like Devil’s Den State Park just a couple hours away.

As school ends, summer kicks into gear, and I’ll begin my first real job as an intern at Tulsa-based Williams Companies. Williams is one of the nation’s leaders in the natural gas industry – one that’s going to do nothing but grow in the near future. I’m really excited about it – I’ll be working in the Economics Department doing research on energy markets and the like. Again, I know, that sounds awfully boring to some. But to be the right hand research assistant to the executives of a 3000-employee company like Williams is a fantastic opportunity. It’s also great to be a TU student, as Williams HQ (which is located in Oklahoma’s tallest building, BTW) is a ten minute drive from campus. It’ll be a great summer here in Tulsa.

Like I mentioned before, finals are fast approaching, and the biometric facial recognition paper I’ve been putting off for 2 months is due in 6 days. Considering I didn’t know what “biometric facial recognition” meant until earlier today, I had better get started pronto.


Come and Preview TU!


As I hoped, it has been a beautiful few weeks here at TU! The weather has been perfect, and I have been busy as ever winding down my school year–fortunately, this week has been a lot less crazy than the past few months have been! I’m excited for this Friday, though, when we have Preview TU. We’ll have hundreds of future students and parents on our campus walking around and getting to know the University before they attend in the fall, and as President of University Ambassadors I get to spend all day interacting with them and helping them to find a niche that they love at TU just like I have! Having new students on campus is always really fun–it was the UAs at TU that convinced me of how great this University is, and I hope that I can be that person for someone else! It should be a pretty fun day, and then on Friday night the football team is having their Spring Game where they showcase all of their new coachers and players. I’m really excited to see how things go! Also, my parents are coming in town this weekend, so I have yet another reason to be excited! My mom hasn’t been here since Homecoming in October, and my dad hasn’t been here since fall of 2009! It’s definitely been way too long!

I’m looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend, and I hope that you all enjoy your weekends, too! I’ll talk to you again soon!