from student blogger Quinn…

I told you that I would take a walk down memory lane, but I bet you didn’t think that it would be just a few minutes later…

So last semester a good friend of mine asked me to join her for a photoshoot for a Mazzios ad! If you’re not from the Tulsa or surrounding areas then you’re probably unfamiliar with it. Anyway, it’s a big deal around here. TU has a great partnership and you can always get it for free at an SA sponsored tailgate!

Shooting the ad was a great time! I guess the intense lighting was a little much for because we had to pause shooting a couple times so that I could get powdered…definitely a first for me lol. We were pretty much asked to sit in front of a couple pizzas and sodas and conversate. It was great! They told us that they could potentially use the ad for instore purposes, bill boards, etc. At the shoot I got to chat with one of my professors from freshmen year. He serves as an adjunct, but is also the VP of Marketing for Mazzios. The overall experience was one that I’ll definitely remember forever.

So after a month, I get a call from my friend who says “GO CHECK YOUR MAIL!” So immediately I do so, and there we are!…front and center on a MAZZIOS coupon distributed through out Tulsa! Later, we found out that they have the picture on the tables in the restaurant as well. Check out the ad below and go enjoy some Mazzios (I promised I wasn’ t paid to promote them)!

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