Now I’m (almost) free to seee the world!

It’s the final countdown…

I bet you guys are sick of me talking about how fast time goes by… but I’ve got to do it again: Today I picked up my graduation gown. And we had our last meeting for a group I’m involved in! What’s going on!? Ahh!!
So I am going to complain for a minute about how slow time is going by when I think about waiting for scholarship results! I feel like I submitted my application at least 6 years ago… I am supposed to find out within the next month, but I have already been excessively checking my e-mail for several weeks. :)

As usual, things are busy! But we have some really fun stuff coming up… a few of my friends and I are planning a great trip for Spring Break to the Graaaaand Canyon!! We are planning to camp and hike for the week, as well as stopping in Farmington, NM to visit one of our friends who graduated last year and works there for ConocoPhillips now! I will try to remember to take some good pictures for you guys!

Last week we had Tulsa Time, which is always tons of fun. I spent the day hanging out with prospective students and their parents, talking about life at TU. Sadly, I didn’t get to host a student overnight, but I did have a student from Houston come stay in my apartment earlier in the week. That was really fun to learn about Houston and what her school is like. She told me all about the IB program and how intense it is! (By the way, good luck to all of you IB’ers out there as you are wrapping things up!!)
Now it’s time to grab some quick dinner and do a little bit of planning for the Grand Canyon 
Until next time!


Hey everyone! So to follow up on the crazy snow blog from last time, we now have 75 degree weather and it’s beautiful outside! Good old Tulsa weather…after the blizzard we got four days off of school because the streets were horrendous and there was way too much snow for the city to handle, so we got a little mini spring break! It was great! After a day or two, though, I was ready to get out–I had really bad cabin fever, but I couldn’t dig my car out and even if I could the roads were impassible anyway. Finally after about a week we were able to break out and leave the house (even though Tulsa public schools got off for two full weeks!), and life began to return to normal–just with 15 feet high snow piles all over campus from shoveling and plowing! It was fun seeing the campus in such a tight-knit setting–none of us could do anything off campus, so we all hung out with each other and enjoyed each other’s company! It was a whole other side to TU that I’ve never seen before!

Now that the snow is over and it’s back to being 75 degrees again (if you don’t like the weather in Tulsa, just wait an hour), I’ve had spring fever! I know it’s not quite spring yet, but the weather has been so gorgeous that I ate lunch outside today and enjoyed walking to class because I got to see the campus in all of it’s sunny gloriousness! I’ve definitely missed blue skies and green grass over the past few weeks–there really isn’t anything that shines brighter than the Tulsa sun! Most of my midterms were this week, so now that I’m finished with those and finished with the LSAT (I finally took it last Saturday…we’ll see how I do!) I’m excited to get back into the swing of things on campus!

I hope to see most of you on campus this weekend at Tulsa Time! If not, I hope that your college decisions are going well! Come visit us again soon–especially now that the weather is nice again! Tulsa in the springtime is absolutely beautiful! =)

“I think I can, I think I can”

Right now my mentality towards school is like “The Little Engine that Could”; I have to tell myself I can do it! With a full week off of school due to inclement weather, tests and quizzes seem to be everyday. Although lately I have been swamped in all my classes, the professors have been going above and beyond to meet what it is best for me rather than for them.
Valentine’s Day was a nice start to the week because of a fun dinner with my pledge class at the Full Moon Cafe off Cherry Street. The California Burger topped with guacamole and chipotle mayonnaise is definitely a great choice if you like a tex-mex flare to your burger. The week before Valentine’s, all the sororities came together and made Valentine’s cards for the children at St. Anthony’s Hospital. That event was really rewarding, and a justified study break.
Tri Deltas’ big philanthropy event is next week, “Hoops for Hope”, which is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament where all the proceeds benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital. I can not wait to be a part of facilitating this event because basketball is my favorite sport. That being said, I hope everyone is ready for MARCH MADNESS! March is pretty much a great month because of NCAA Basketball, I turn 19, and say whattttt?… SPRING BREAK! But for now, getting through February with not a lot of damage done to my grades is all I can focus on.