Another Day, Another Semester

It’s only the third day of classes, so there’s not too much to report on there. I’m really excited for my Communication classes this semester, and I’m especially excited for my Senior Project. I’m going to write about the Mexican drug cartels and their influence on Mexican and American politics–it will be awesome to be able to mix my political science and Spanish majors in my research.

The big news lately has been the weather. We got a light dusting of snow the other day–nothing to write home about (especially since my home currently has much more snow on the ground)–but the temperatures have been crazy! It’s been about 6 degrees every day when I leave for class, and with the wind chill the temperature is in the negative digits. I either want lots of snow to justify this cold weather, or I want spring to be here so I can enjoy some warmth again!

Also, I’m really excited because yesterday I got to go to a meeting with members from all of the other sororities at TU to pick a color scheme for the backs of our houses where we live! The houses are getting completely renovated this summer (it’s much needed…our houses were built in 1968!), and the renovations are going to make our houses beautiful! It was really awesome that TU gave us all a say in how our houses will look–not many universities give their students that option! It’s kind of like designing your own dorm–how cool is that?!? I’m excited to come back next fall to see all of the renovations completed–it will be neat to see the transformation!

Other than that, I’m excited to see who TU’s new head coach will be for the football team–it was great to see TU finish in the top rankings in the AP polls, and I hope that our new head coach will continue the streak! Until then, I’ll be going to as many basketball games as I can and enjoying life on campus! Hopefully it will be a little warmer the next time I talk to you, and I’ll have much more eventful news!