Semester 8, week one!

Every time I start to write a blog entry, I am shocked at how fast time flies by! I’m in my last semester of undergrad? For real?

The beginning of Christmas break was amazing. Finishing finals and getting ready for a month without due dates (well, kind of) was a present in and of itself! The only sad part was that we had to bid both our friends and our Christmas tree goodbye :(

One of our farewell dinners!
At the beginning of break, I went home to see my family and old friends for a couple of weeks. All of my sisters plus my niece were able to come for Christmas and we had a delicious turkey dinner before opening our PRESENTS! I got a lot of great surprises this year! Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 soundtrack, pretty jewelry from Macy’s, and a new winter coat were some of my favorites.

And the fun didn’t stop there… the day after Christmas I took off to Germany to visit Stefan and his family for three weeks! We spent many long nights playing rummy with his parents, and I ate a million baked goods throughout the trip. For New Year’s Eve, we were in Berlin with Stefan’s brother Oli. People were shooting off fireworks everywhere! I didn’t think that was allowed in cities, but I guess it is there! There was a huge celebration at Brandenburger Tor, right down the street (the biggest New Year’s Eve celebration in the world, I believe – more than a million people!). We walked through the area earlier in the evening but had already decided to forego the crowds and have our own party. That turned out to be a good decision since I got to meet a lot of really nice people at the party!

After we had to leave Berlin, we traveled to Karlsruhe, where we stayed for two weeks. I was going to take two weeks of language classes that I enrolled myself in over two months ago… but when I arrived at the school, the secretary casually said “Oh, we cancelled that class… there weren’t enough participants!” Unable to express my anger in German, I had to act like the passive person that I am not. I ended up switching to a different class that started during my second week, and was a level higher than appropriate for me. Boo! But I have to admit, in the end it turned out better because the course hours were nice, the class was challenging, and I saved money by only doing one week of language school.

Regarding my graduate school plans, I have a new list of things to do now that I’ve submitted my first scholarship application! I have another scholarship application that is due on April 1 (right after I hear back from this first one!). Meanwhile, I have to start preparing my application for the German university I want to attend. The hardest part will be a language proficiency exam that I have to take in June. The exam is supposed to ensure that my German is good enough to understand what is going on in the University! :/

Being back at school is great so far. Although I missed the first week of the semester, catching up wasn’t as hard as I envisioned! And yesterday morning I had a great surprise as I woke up (at 6 AM… jet lag!). We have SNOW! I anxiously fired up my computer and basically stared at my e-mail for an hour and a half, hoping for a SNOW DAY e-mail… with no luck! It wasn’t so bad, since I only had two classes, and Jordan, Stef and I celebrated the snow day in my apartment with a hot cinnamon roll party! Mmmm!

Have a great weekend!

Here We Go Again

Hi all!

So… I haven’t been on here in QUITE awhile. A ton has happened since my last post. Last semester wrapped up well; grades, body, and mind are all still intact – no small feat, as you’ll soon learn, for your average college student.

Many new developments have taken place in the life of Taber in the past few months, most notably being elected practically out of the blue to be president of my fraternity. That may not sound like too much, but given I hadn’t even entertained the idea of being in charge of/ responsible for a large group of college guys until it was announced I had been elected to do the job. SO, I’m now living in the fraternity house (my fourth living arrangement in four semesters…) and fulfilling all the duties that go along with the new position. As much work as it is, though, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Another development, I think (I can’t remember exactly when I last blogged), is my new mentorship at Will Rogers High School, just a couple blocks east of TU. A new organization here on campus is working with the underprivileged school to develop mentor and tutor relationships between students from each school – kind of like a localized Big Brothers Big Sisters. My “mentee,” Ta’andre, and I meet once a week for after-school tutoring/catch-up, and then I go two times a week to sit in on classes with him. It’s a great experience, as I can see his grades rising every week and see our relationship developing as his trust in me grows. It’ll be my goal over the next two years to convince him how important it is to graduate high school and to help him actually achieve that goal. Wish us luck!

Classes are looking good this semester. I actually like every one of my professors. Very few students at any college could say the same. Even the boring subjects like Management Information Systems aren’t that bad with a good teacher at the helm.

That’s it for now. Off to the gym so I can fit back into my pre-Holiday jeans. Later!

Springing into Action

With my second semester underway, I can already tell it is going to be great. I switched majors from Energy Management to Communications. Definitely a big switch, but I am loving the fact there will be no more math. I absolutely love my classes, and my favorite as of now is Writing for Public Relations. We are learning all about the PR world, and how to appropriately write for different purposes.
Last week, I was invited to a lunch for the American Society of Training and Development by a TU staff member. At this particular luncheon I was able to meet some of the leaders in the Training and Development field, and receive priceless advice. This is a prime example of how not only proffessors but all the faculty at The University of Tulsa care about their students.
One of the upcoming events I am personally looking forward to is a leadership conference called “TULE” that the University is hosting this Saturday. There we will learn about diversity, different leadership styles, and attend numerous workshops on different tools that will help us grow as tommorow’s leaders. As the Relay for Life team captain for Tri Delta, I am getting super pumped about it, even though it is all the way in April. The thought of being a part of something that is saving and changing lives is quite exhilerating.
This spring semester is off to a great start, and I am very excitited to see what I will learn, and how my love for the University will continue to grow.