Saturday Class?!

from student blogger Quinn…

Alright so this semester is pretty much on and rolling. Classes aren’t too bad, but they are very time consuming. This year I am taking a Robotics Class. This class is cool because I get the opportunity to work with high school students. This year we are working with the Booker T. Washington School. The purpose of the class is to help them build a F.I.R.S.T. competition robot before the 6 week deadline approaches. To make sure that we meet the deadline we even have class on Saturday! Yes, I said Saturday!! Since the class is pretty much over in 6 weeks I don’t mind meeting on the weekend. Let’s just we build a good robot. Wish us luck!

Welcome Back Games Night

from student blogger Quinn…

So last night the Association of Black Collegians hosted their first event of the year under my presidency. The event was held in the Student Activity Center of Mayo Village. This is an event where invite old members and prospective members to come and hang out and learn about our minority organizations on campus. After everyone finished eating, the executive officers of ABC gave brief introductions. Also in attendance were the executive officers of Leaders Incorporated (LINC), National Association of Black Collegians, and National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). We have a good group of freshmen interested in getting involved. Overall, the event was a successful one, and there is no doubt in my mind that the rest of the year will be a great one!

One Down 3.5 to Go!

So basically my first semester at TU has flown by! I almost hope they start to slow down from here so I can really enjoy the next couple years. I had 5 finals, which is apparently unusual for a freshman, and although it has been a stressful couple weeks, it has prepared me for the semesters ahead. I will be glad when I touch down in Houston tomorrow and put an end to all-nighters full of studying. To add to the joy of being home, my best friend is picking me up from the airport and I know our ride home will be full of interesting stories.

Tri Delt Formal was this past weekend and boyyy was it fun. Spending the whole night with my sisters happens often, but getting the excuse to help each other get ready and take a bajillion photos does not happen quite as much.

I am not a big sushi fan, but me and a couple of my friends went to a restaurant called “In the Raw”, and it was out of this world. If you get a chance to try it, I suggest you get the sauces on the side..they can be a tad hot! I am now starting to get the hang of things directionally and can rattle off most of the main roads in order. The grid system Tulsa has is much more user friendly then the highways and frontage roads in Houston.
I’m going to try to fit in a nap and study for my last final of my first semester :) I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday and safe break!!!