Time Flies

My oh my, this first semester is flying by. The weeks have been filled with tests, projects, and of course fun activities. Initition was last week and I am an official Tri-Delt. I am also super anxious because Thanksgiving is less than a month away, which means a visit back to home sweet home in Houston. I have to admit I am not necessarily homesick but college has made me realize how much I love my mama.
My classes are getting more and more enjoyable with fun projects to finish out the semester. I am currently working on a group math project, and I have been able to incorperate skills from my MIS class to make the presentation more professional. Also, making next semester’s schedule was definitely an experience. My advisors helped me out a lot due to me lacking in technological skills. I am looking foward to the new subject material, and the fact I can meet more people in my new classes. This summer I am looking into study abroad, maybe in Spain. That way I can finish out my language credits while being emersed in the culture.
Another aspect of the Fall I am so excited about is….BASKETBALL SEASON starting. The first game = free t-shirt!! This weekend Student Association is also hosting a Notre Dame vs. TU watch party in the football stadium. It will definitely be neat to be on the home field and support them at their away game.
At Will Rogers High School, we are trying to enstill more school spirit into the students. In order to do so we are encouraging TU students to go, and decorating the halls with spirit banners, and have posters made for the game.
Hope everyone enjoys the Fall Festivities :)

The leaves are getting crunchy!!!

BLOG TIME! Long periods with no blogging are a good sign. Senior year is still incredibly busy, but I am doing a pretty good job of still-having-a-life while keeping up with school!

The last month has a lot of highlights.

Stefan is in town! He finished his master’s thesis and is taking a vacation here in Tulsa before starting his doctorate. Last week we went to San Francisco to visit Adriana, my roommate from Spain. I had never been outside of a California airport before (eew, LAX) so the state was all new to me. We had a great time speed-touring San Francisco in 1.5 days and tromping around Yosemite National Park for the weekend. I think half of the country of Germany was in San Francisco while we were there… all I heard around me was German talk. An old couple approached us in the street with a map (we must have looked like natives) and asked, “Do you know… the crooked… strasse… ” BAM. They gave away their nationality. They were very excited to discover we could give them directions in German, haha. Missing school for a week was awesome!! …until I came back! Oops, now I am pretty behind in several classes, but it was still great timing since I didn’t miss any tests!

The weather has been awesome lately! I can now ditch the A/C and sleep with my window open, and leaves are starting to turn :D I am a proud member of the facebook group called “Yes, I will walk out of my way just to step on that crunchy-looking leaf”, and this is prime time for leaf-crunching. It’s also perfect for running (to class, since that’s the only running I’m doing these days) and reading outside!

A couple of students and I have gotten together to create the TU German Club. Every two weeks we have a dinner, Der Stammtisch, where students can come to practice their German. The dinners are really fun and a few German students show up each time, which really helps with the conversation!

I have been spending tons of time on my grad school scholarship application that’s due in mid-November. The scholarship I am applying for is funded by a German exchange organization, the DAAD, that would pay for me to do a master’s degree in Germany. Here at TU, we have a coordinator of nationally competitive scholarships who dedicates her time to helping students win these things! Every time I meet her to work on my personal statement, I leave with even more great ideas for how to strengthen my essay. My friend Craig just finished his application for the Gates scholarship to do his doctorate in Cambridge! Now I suppose we’ll hang tight and wait for him to hear back!! Mine is due in mid-November, but I won’t have news until March or April… :/ We’ll see!!

It’s also job interview season here on campus… students all over the place are decked out in suits as they have interviews in between (or sometimes instead of) classes. I recently interviewed with Koch Industries for an IT position in Wichita, Kansas. Next week I’m headed up to the big city (I guess?) for an on-site interview to see if I can snag an internship for the summer!

Thanksgiving break plans are also underway… My friends and I would like to take a small trip from Sunday-Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We are thinking about going to St. Louis, to my roommate Kay’s house. Her house is a lot like the Weasley house when everybody is home. There is always tons of good food, her parents are super friendly and people are always talking and recruiting armies to fight the dark lord. Well, normally we don’t do the last thing, but this year we’ll be in the HP spirit since Deathly Hallows part 1 comes out NOVEMBER 19!!! Woo hoo!! We can end this blog update with a picture of me in my Gryffindor robes.

And Happy Halloween, everybody!!!

Fall is Here

Fall has arrived! I think… Today it got up to like 85 degrees, but I wore sweats all day as a matter of principle. Things are going well here at TU. I just finished an intense two weeks of quizzes, tests, and projects, so hopefully the next couple won’t be too bad.

Over the weekend I took a little trip to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas to go backpacking with some friends. It was great, we left right after class on Friday, drove a couple hours, hiked over 15 miles in two days, camped, enjoyed the best weather we could’ve asked for, and got back Sunday night for the best part of the weekend – cramming for Statistics. Oh yeah…

Good news is I think I did really well on the Stat exam. Speaking of exams, I believe I promised in my last post that I’d tell you how I did on my recent Microeconomics test. I know it’s been hard to wait all this time with such an important matter up in the air, but without further adieu…I got a 93%. Considering how confused I get in that class, I was ecstatic to get a 93. As for Accounting, let’s just say I got the same grade, give or take 6 percentage points.

This is the first weekend I’m not going anywhere in awhile, and I can’t wait. Friday night I’m going to go see The Social Network with some of my buddies and some friends from the Tulsa Ballet. I know – random, but it’s a long story. Saturday is Theta World Cup, a soccer tournament put on by one of the sororities. I have no doubt my team will dominate. After that I think I’m going to go to the Philbrook Museum with a few friends to see the mummies and stuff they have on a special exhibit there right now. Sunday I will be spending the entire day doing the Spanish homework I have failed to do for the past two weeks before she picks up portfolios on Monday. Really now, don’t be jealous.

As for now, I’m going to the gym to shoot some hoops. Intramural 3-on-3 starts tomorrow, and saying that I’m rusty is a MAJOR understatement, so I’m gonna go try and sharpen up my skills before our first game. With that said, have a good one.

Until next time!