Opportunities Galore

Flipping through my to-do list booklet and looking over my social and academic calendars, I wonder how it will all get done. Lately I have been going nonstop but truly enjoying every minute. These past couple of weeks have been filled with many workshops, meetings, and even football practice. It’s the beginning of the hiring season for interns for most companies so the Collins College of Business has been buzzing. I have been able to attend quite a few informational workshops over how to dress, ways to network, and mock interviews are coming up. They have all given tons of helpful information, and I even won an Olive Garden gift card along with other fun goodies. Last week was also special because I interviewed for Student Association and received an associate position in Cabinet!

It’s officially football season, both to play and watch. Tailgating was something I had never done, and now I see why people put so much effort into their pre-game events. Student Association put on one, and gave out t-shirts, pizza, and drinks. Right after that, I ran over to the Tri-Delt/Sigma Chi tailgate where hamburgers were freshly grilled…Don’t worry I didn’t eat at both. Our Golden Hurricane boys just beat Bowling Green, and it was exciting to see classmates and friends on the field. Intramurals kicked off, and it was a bittersweet first game. Playing with the Tri-Delt girls was awesome, but losing in overtime..not so much. The intensity of all the girls was quite shocking, and our awesome coaches (from one of the fraternities) brought us kool aid and orange slices for halftime..they’d make great team moms.

I purposely almost forgot academics, because after awhile your brain stops functioning in school mode, and starts to feel like overcooked raman noodles. Although classes have been difficult, my major Energy Management has been quite educational in relaxed settings. My TEMSA mentor and I had a good talk over Hurricane Hut passion fruit smoothies (great college pick-me-up) where she encouraged me and got me back on track after some discouraging grades. We had our first official TEMSA meeting on Sunday Night which was sponsered by Williams, and the Vice President of Gas Marketing gave us an overview of what his job entailed. Again, great networking that I feel a larger school could not offer as well and as often as TU does. Something I’m looking foward to this weekend is going skeet shooting with the Director of Energy Management, Ted Jacobs, and some of my EM peers. Again a skill I’ve always wanted to learn and TU has opened the door in order for me to do so.
Laundry haunts me back at the house, and studying for upcoming tests and quizzes is not going to go away. I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I look foward to letting you know I’m alive after shootin’ some skeet.

Busy, Busy

¡Dios mio! So much Spanish! I better be getting closer to fluency as much as I’m reading, writing, and thinking en Español these days. Sure, it will pay off, but sometimes I just feel so busy. It’s a good busy, though. When I’m not doing Spanish, there’s ALWAYS something else to be done. Maybe that’s true at any college, but it’s most definitely true here.

Many college admissions brochures testify to the 3 “S” Rule. The rule states that in college there are three activities that you can spend your time on: Studying, Socializing, and Sleeping. You get to choose two. The one I most often forego is by far sleep, followed by study (I can say that here because my parents don’t know this blog exists), and almost never do I give up my social time, for better or worse.

At least fraternity rush is over now. During that period I spent every waking hour making sure all the new freshmen knew which frat was the best (I may be a little biased…). It paid off, though, as my house recruited a record number of new guys to go through pledgeship. Awesome. Look at me, being all fratty. But that’s the thing about Tulsa Greek life I love – we’re really not “fratty” at all. To be honest, a good proportion of the guys and girls in fraternities and sororities here are those who wouldn’t be in a house at a big state school, but would yearn for a better social scene at a small liberal arts college. Just another way in which TU is the perfect balance, I guess.

In other news, John Mayer is a ton more impressive in concert than on CD. I was a little hesitant to go see him at the BOK Center here in Tulsa last weekend, but my friend talked me into it, and I’m glad I went. Even though he didn’t play “Assassin,” which is indisputably his best song, I enjoyed the show.

Well, Spanish is calling my name, so I’m gonna call it a day here on the blog. ¡Hasta Luego!