Cool weather has arrived, and it has been a much needed relief from the former Summer heat. Although I’m enjoying everything at school, I hope October goes by quick so Thanksgiving Break can come. I survived my first shotgun experience at the skeet shoot, but received a couple bruises before realizing proper form was pertainent to pain free shooting. It was great fun to get taught gun safety, and spend a saturday morning with TEMSA students. School has kicked into full gear with Tests and quizzes seemingly every week, but I am looking foward to a field trip with my Intro to Petroleum Engineering class. It is weird thinking there are still field trips after high school, but were going to an oil rig, and the north campus on Saturday. I am excited to see how it all works, and gain knowledge for the field of work I am pursuing.
Flag football is getting more intense, with practice twice a week now, one being tonight at 9 PM!! On Sunday were playing the team the law school has put together, so we’ll see if they put the same amount of practice in as they do for the BAR exam.
Oh, I almost forgot something super important. I started visiting the local high school, Will Rogers, and it has been awesome. TU has created a partnership with the school, in order to place good influences in student’s lives to encourage the completion of high school, and college in their future. I think it is an equally rewarding program for both the TU mentors, and the high school students.


Finally, it’s football season. It’s been far too long, and I’m pretty excited. The weather, the atmosphere, the excitement, the game – I love it. What I don’t love is getting beat by OSU. What I ESPECIALLY don’t like is paying $50 for a ticket, driving to Stillwater, and spending all day tailgating in the blazing heat only to see my team play badly and get heckled by a bunch of people wearing bright orange…

That’s all over, though. This weekend we host the U. of Central Arkansas, and I expect the Golden Hurricane to bounce back. If we don’t beat them, I may just quit coming to the games. No offense to you if you’re secretly a UCA fan, but it would be pitiful if we lose to them. Unfortunately, I won’t be here to see it (or fortunately if we manage to lose). I’ll be in Fayetteville, Arkansas watching my other team, the #10 Razorbacks play #1 Alabama. Win or lose, it’ll be a lot of fun and I’ll get to see all my old friends, but then I’ll be heading back after the game for our first fraternity function – “White Trash Bash.” Essentially, we all dress up like Dawg the Bounty Hunter and Larry the Cable Guy and invite all the sorority girls over to dance, play games, etc. We haven’t mowed the yard for a while (I’m sure there will be a couple of cars parked in it come Saturday), and I saw the Nascar flag that will be hung from the pole in front. Should be a classy event…

Speaking of classy, I got to go up to the OneOK Club Level of the football stadium yesterday for a Presidential Scholars dinner, complete with President Steadman Upham – the tallest university president in the nation (reason enough to come to TU, no?) Very fancy up there, and a great view, too. Not to mention TU’s awesome catering. If you get the chance to visit here during any program where they have a dinner, come! The food alone is worth the trip.

My accounting homework is calling my name, so I should go. Actually, nevermind. I left my book at someone’s apartment, so I’ll procrastinate a bit longer.

Tomorrow I find out how I did on my Microeconomics exam from last Thursday. I’m a little nervous, but pretty confidant, too. It was tough, but think I knew most of the material. Since I know you’re just on pins and needles waiting to hear how I did, I’ll include it in my next post.

Really though, I need to do my Accounting, so I’m gonna get off. Make sure and read my next post here soon. In the meantime, don’t fret too much about my Micro grade. I understand that it’s stressful not knowing, but you’re better off learning to cope with it before college starts, anyway. Until next time,

¡Adios, amigos!


from student blogger Quinn…

phoSo since working in California these past two summers, I’ve gotten hooked on pho (pronounced like fa). Pho is a vietnamese soup with rice noodles and your choice of meat. It’s simply amazing to me. I think I had it over 30 times this past summer and at least 7 times since I’ve been back in Tulsa. I haven’t been to many Pho places in Tulsa, but I do know that Viet Hong (21st and Memorial) serves a delicious bowl of pho. Plus the place is always packed!

Now I must admit that I will never eat a bowl of pho plain or without adding anything to it. I always go with a large V14 (Chicken) and add broccoli. Once the steaming bowl of pho comes out, I add lots of sriracha sauce, hoisin, and a few jalapenos. Spicy pho is the best! I’m thinking TU needs to start an organization just for people who love Pho…maybe I’ll start it and it could be called “Pho Life 4 Life?!”…and we could have our meetings on Fridays and call it Pho Friday?!

Anyway, now that you’ve gotten my shameless plug for Pho, go out and try it!